Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mexico City MTC (CCM)—Arrival

Dear Family and Friends!

We made it! Sorry I couldn't call in Atlanta, but I couldn't figure out the pay phone . . . haha. Um, I don’t really know what else to say. It’s been weird so far, hasn’t really sunk in yet. And, sorry mom for the spelling and no punctuation. The keyboard is different and I haven’t gotten it to work yet so I don’t care if you edit it a bit.

The MTC is beautiful! My companion is Hermana Garrett and we actually got to fly together the whole way so I already know quite a lot about her! She is from Pleasant Grove, originally from Orem, and is 20. She is going to the Ecuador Guayaquil West Mission!

We flew out with 10 sisters and about 20 elders. The plane was full of us! We talked to a few people on the plane and were able to have some mini-missionary experiences before it all even started. It was funny when we got to the airportyou could immediately spot us because we were all lost and dressed way nicer than anyone else around!

It still feels like a whirlwind and I’m really just ready to go find our apartment and go to bed. The plane really wiped me out and I’m not wanting to go on one for a while now. . . well, I guess I will have to six weeks from now!

Well, just wanting to let you know I am safe and I guess I will talk to ya'll on my p-daywhenever that is . . .

Oh yeah, I forgot to get my camera out and take pictures, but we did see some funny things on the way here, and since we probably won't be leaving the MTC much, I'll just tell ya about it:
Saw a CPK billboard . . . yay for chile relleno!

Saw a huge black rat at the airport while waiting for the others to get there.
Saw a couple from our singles ward (Becca will know who they are) Diana Rupp and her fiancée!

We are all pretty much from Utah. One of the girls and I got really close on the plane and she’s actually form Cedar City and knows Brad! Her name is Hermana Groves.

Oh, and Lyss, there are buildings all around here that are bright colored with white converse shoes painted all over them. Thought you would like that! Hopefully I can get some pictures later!

Love you all!

Hermana Nelson

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