Monday, February 10, 2014

Bolivia, Charcas—Week 20

Happy Valentine’s Day (or for us, our 6-month Anniversary!)

Family and Friends,

That’s true about Elder (Tyler) Christiansen. (I mentioned her friend’s great letters and she was responding to my comments.) His letters make my day because they are always so positive and exciting. I read them all the time because I take pictures of them on my camera.

We had a better week this week. Lots of knocking doors, but we had fun in the meantime and we found new people! Yay! Hopefully our drought of no baptisms will end soon.

I love you all so, so much! Hope all is well and that you have a great Valentine’s Day! I know that we will because it will also be our 6-month mark! vamos a quemar algo! wahoo!


Hermana Nelson

Journal Pages
February 3, 2014
Zone Activity
We had planned on going to the zoo today, but because it was raining so much, we decided to just go to the chapel and order pizza and watch a movie. We ordered a pizza that was 4 x 4 feet (or maybe even bigger). It was huge!
HUGE Pizza for P-day
(It was like 4 feet by 4 feet—Gigantic!)
Companion Activity
Hermana Smith and I went to mail letters and then we went to vaca fria. It ‘twas delicious.

A company came and fumigated tonight and we had a few devastating experiences with the poor little lizards. One was trapped in a plastic bag and lost his tail and another was a baby and was dying from the chemicals. We found another one that was dead. We had a funeral.
Our Dead Lizard Friend—Very Sad

February 4, 2014
I know this is the only true church and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families. I have felt love for complete strangers here that I’ve never felt before. I know I am doing the Lord’s work and I will never come down.

FHE with the T. Family
We had a FHE lesson about following the prophet with the family T. tonight. We talked about the commandments and played a game with the kids so they could understand. It’s difficult with their dad, who participates but doesn’t want to be baptized or anything. We talked about how baptism and getting sealed in the temple are commandments (subtly, of course) and he didn’t say anything. I hope someday he’ll come around.

February 5, 2014
Companion Study
Today we studied about how to be a successful missionary in PMG. We had been a bit discouraged about the work and not very hopeful with our investigators or the work, so President Zambrano asked us to study in Chapter 1 of PMG. It was such a great study time and we learned a lot about the Gospel and missionary work.

We set some goals we want to work on together so we can become better missionaries and disciples of Christ. One of mine is that I want to serve everyone without feeling like it is an inconvenience to them or me. Mom was always so good at this and I need to be more like her. We also decided to be better at strengthening our members, and especially the ones we eat with all the time. When we go to their homes, we are trying to be better at strengthening their faith and sharing the things we’ve learned.

February 6, 2014
District Meeting
We first talked about how to be a successful missionary and what defines success. Elder Groneman taught us about how, when we are teaching with the Spirit, we are teaching effectively. We then practiced and Hermana Smith and I started. It was a really great lesson. We listened to the Spirit and were able to focus on the needs of the “investigators” and teach based on that.

Elder Groneman & Elder Vasquez said that it was the best practice they’d seen and that if we are teaching like that, we are going to have great success. They said we are a great companionship and are really united. It made us feel really good. We are very glad to have this time to be together and learn lots.

February 7, 2014
Teaching the Quezada Clan
After lunch, we taught the Quezadas how to share the gospel with their friends in a normal and comfortable way. It was a really fun lesson and we practiced with them and everything. They are really smart and up with situations that were really normal to share the Gospel. It was way good.

We taught the M. family about the priesthood and the authority again by reading Acts 19:1-6. It talks about baptism in the correct way and that we need confirmation after. Mari finally got it and said she’ll talk to her family and think about baptism! It’s fantastic!

February 8, 2014
Knocking 25 Doors
We had about 2 hours of time that we didn’t know what to do with, so we made a goal to knock 25 doors. It wasn’t very effective at first. One told us that no one was home . . . another came out half naked, so we booked it out of there . . . and the others said they were “busy.” When we got to door #10, a very sleepy man came to the door and let us in to talk to his family. They have two daughters, and his wife has known of the Church for a very long time. They are really awesome and hopefully they’ll come to church tomorrow.

We visited Erika tonight and we thought she wouldn’t be there, but she was! And all ready to paint our nails! We had an English-learning/nail painting night until her husband came home and we taught them about eternal marriage. She’s so sweet. We have another appointment with them next week.
Don’t ask.
Hermana Smith and I in a Strange Mood
(now you know what we do with our study time!)

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