Monday, May 26, 2014

Bolivia, Jardin—Week 5

Dear Family and Friends,

So, I'm not sure that any of my pictures will come through. The internet is awful in this area, so here's a sum of my week:

Activity with the zone and another zone (Los Chacos) as well. The Elders just wanted to play football (soccer) so we decided to leave. My comp wanted to do splits, so Hermana Tijerino and I went to the center to buy clothes and we had a great time. We also got lost and had an hour taxi ride home (of shame). On the bright side, the guy only charged us 15 bolivianos—score!

Interviews with President. He said my Spanish is ‘magnificent’ and that I’m a great missionary. He asked me if I would like to go out of the city, to which I said, “Yes, of course!” He said it may not be this transfer—I guess we will see on Thursday.

District meeting. It was good.

Freezing cold. I’m so glad we bought alpaca sweaters on Monday!

Zone meeting. It was inspiring. We also attended a baptism for the other Hermanas. We made coffee cake.

“R” (one of our less actives) came to church for all three hours! It was a miracle. She said she will never miss a day of church again. Hallelujah!

The price for letters went up. I’m sad, but yeah, what can ya’ do? I probably won’t be able to send actual letters anymore, so I’ll have to email them. I know it’s not the same, but the price for letters is like $3 now, which is so much in bolivianos. Tell everyone I’m sorry I can’t send letters for their birthdays, but emails will have to do.

Love you all!

xoxo Hna Nelson

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