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Mexico City CCM—Week 4

Distrito 8A FamiliaWe'll Cover the Globe!
¡Buenas tardes familia y amigos!

Hoy es mi una month aniversidad a la CCM. Español es muy dificil, pero soy aprendar mas y enseñar con el espiritu santo cual ayudarme mucho.

Wow. That was really bad Spanish (I think) but you said you wanted to hear some, so there you go! Translation: This is my one-month anniversary today at the CCM. Spanish is hard, but I am learning a lot and the spirit is helping me teach in Spanish a lot as well.

First off, Ellen, here are some more food combinations for ya! It hasn't been as exciting as usual. I think they're getting the hang of how Americans like their food, but here goes:

Hmm . . . they really like to make us what we call "soggy nachos." Basically they are tortilla chips soaked in enchilada sauce and topped with some goat cheese. We pretty much get these for every meal here. I've gotten used to them, but they are still a bit bizarre.

Also, they love putting just about everything in rice: corn, jalapenos, peas, hot dogs, etc. Everyone thinks I'm picky, but I really just think it's weird to put that kind of stuff in rice!

Wings and Calzones! Sunday was like the best meal ever! It smelled like McDonald’s all day, and lo and behold, they made us wings and calzones! It was probably the best meal ever. We wanted to get thirds, but they were running out, so we didn’t.

A huge thing happened this week at the CCM . . . they conformed and got maple syrup! Yep, and it’s legitreally good maple syrup. It’s been a good week! (I thought only the elders—especially Devan—got so excited about food . . . we’re learning a lot about our daughter!)

Food Challenges/Embarrassing Moments (Devan, you'd be so proud of me!)
Grape Challenge: So Hermana Page and I are weirdos and are always trying to compete, so she decided to see how many grapes she could fit in her mouth at once. Then, of course, I had to likewise do the same to beat her. At about grape number 13, Hermana Page told me I looked like the scary lady on Chicken Run and I lost itI lost all of the grapes all over the table, and, let's just say I hadn't used the baño recently, and I lost it a little down south as well. So yeah, we had to go back to our casa and change. It was eventful . . .

The Tower Challenge: Those of you missionaries who went to the Provo MTC may have heard of this before. Apparently it is against the rules there (according to Hermana Page, who used to work there) but they don't know about it here, so we decided to do it as a district. It was a good time, but next time, we will try to do it with Frosted Flakes or Cocoa Krispies because the Froot Loops ripped up our mouths. Hermana Page and I pulled the weight for the entire district and had 5 bowls each. Yep, that's your girl, Mom and Dad!
Elders Maw, Knowles, and Miller
Hermanas Nelson, Garrett, Page, and Avery
Hey, what happened to all the cereal?
We might have had something to do with it . . . 
My Family Loves Me and Sent Me a Package!
Thanks so much for the package! I am really enjoying the headbands—it's hard to come up with new cute hairstyles out here (even though I keep figuring out new ones for the other hermanas). 

Hermanas Nelson and Page
I seriously told my whole district about how much you guys love me just to make ‘em all jealous! I shared the muddy buddies with everyone and they all say thank you! I really couldn’t think of anything you forgot. I loved it all! I was especially excited about the fruit bars and the macadamia nuts! Hermana Avery was super appreciative for the beef jerky.

Oh, and U.S. stamps are okay here because we send our mail through pouch. I’m not sure if they will have pouch in Bolivia, but its cheaper and faster to send pouch here if I can. So those stamps should last me until I leave. Thanks! (A note for the missionary parents out there—I called the missionary department to find out why Amanda can send cards in envelopes through pouch. Apparently, pouch to our missionaries has to conform to their requirements: One page of paper with writing on one side, folded in thirds, and addressed to the missionary on the outside. It has to be closed with two pieces of tape on the long side and mailed with a U.S. postage stamp. Letters coming from our missionaries can be in envelopes and can contain more sheets of paper, photos, etc. The difference is with customs—they figure the missionaries won’t be sending money or valuables home.)

I want pictures of Kim and Brent’s baby! Please add pictures to Dropbox so I can see all the exciting things happening in your lives! (If you would like to upload pictures for Hermana Nelson, let me know and I’ll give you the login information.)

The last pictures are of this guy who works at the CCM gardens. Hermana Page and I think he looks like Mario from Super Mario Bros.! We tried stalking him to get a picture, but it didn’t really work.
There’s also a picture of Elder Cutler. He left yesterday, so I quickly got I picture with him.
Hermana Nelson and Elder Cutler
Oh, and that super awesome watch? Yep, it’s mine! La tienda (the store) has awesome random merchandise, and I got it for only about $10. Cool. It’s kinda awesome.
Leftover merchandise from the school?
Birthdays and Addresses
Please send me birthdays of friends and family and missionaries! I realize I need to send things far in advance, so please remind me of them all. I sent Logan a letter in the mail for his birthday, so it should be coming there soon.

Also, addresses of my missionary friends and other family members (including Grandpa and Grandma and Grandpa Nelson) would be grand. You can just add them to my contacts on MyLDSMail so I have them all in one place. Thanks!

Quito Stories for Elder Maw
Dad, Elder Maw is going to Quito, Ecuador, and I told him a little about your monkey and cucarachas (cockroaches), but he wants to hear other cool stories if you could send them.

So, this parasite has been going around the CCM (I don’t even think it’s possible for a parasite to go around), but everyone has been sick. I’ve been fine, but it’s making people crazy. Especially Hermana Garrett who got a cold this week and felt like she was going to die. Since she stayed home on Sunday and Monday, I was in a companionship with Hermanas Avery and Page.

This Sunday is Mexico's Independence Day and the city has been wild every night. We have decorations all over campus, and it's been kinda fun hearing all the Mexican music every night. We'll have "Mexican" night on Saturday, so I'll tell you all about it next week!
September 15thMexico Independence Day
Nacho Bikes
Grandma and Mom—you were wondering what the deal is with nacho bikes. In Nacho Libre (which we talk about and quote on a regular basis here), he rides a bike around that looks just like the yellow bikes around Mexico. They are everywhere, but we haven't been able to get a picture of one yet. When we saw the one at the temple, we had to take pictures. The flowers, Grandma, are just the flowers they were planting and that's their idea of a wheelbarrow to transport things around.

Elder Fiefia
What a totally sweet Elder he is. He is the one who gave me a blessing the second week, and this week he wrote all of the hermanas letters telling us how much he admired us. I’ll send a picture of mine next week. It was adorable.

Mormon Messages
So at night, we have TALL which is basically another language class and we learn Spanish on the computers for an hour. I’ve gotten really into the Mormon Messages and I love them! They are the best!

We had another awesome devotional from Elder Holland from January 2013 (it was so funny, I saw Michelle Bennion singing in the choir—it’s cool to see people I know in the videos). His devotional was a lot like his last one we watched and it was just as good as ever. He talked a lot about how your first convert needs to be yourself and how we are all setting great examples to our friends and family back home. I love hearing him speak.

Scripture Study
This week Hermana Avery asked us all to write down comfort scriptures for her to send to a friend. While going through my many favorite scriptures, I decided to start making lists of my favorites for each Gospel subject. It's been a cool study time.

Also, I've been reading the D&C and I absolutely love, love, love it! If anyone is wondering what to read, read it! It is all about missionary work and I can relate almost every verse to me and how I can become a better missionary and person!

Well, I think that's just about all for this week. Read your scriptures, say your prayers, and be sure to tell people you love them! It will make you a better person and it will show others that you care about them.

I love you all!


Hermana Nelson

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