Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mexico City CCM—Week 6

Family and Friends!

Well, this is officially my last email from the CCM, and I´m really excited! Our bus leaves at 3:30 tomorrow morning and the 4-hour flight to Panama City is at 6:30. We have a 6-hour layover in Panama, but apparently it’s a really cool airport, so hopefully there will be lots to do. Then we have the 6-hour flight to Santa Cruz!

We printed off our boarding passes and such yesterday and I got seats by the elders in my district so that should be fun.

I've pretty much been all packed and ready to go for the last few days, but today we are finishing it all up. It’s weird though—I only put the things I brought in my suitcases and all the stuff I’ve gotten here in my carry on, but my suitcases are way too heavy. One was originally 70 lbs. (but I got it down to 63 lbs.), and the other is almost 50 lbs. exactly. Hermana Garrett had an extra duffle bag that I may borrow as my carry on, and then I could use my other bag as my “purse” and put as much as I can in there as well. Hopefully I won’t have to pay too much extra for luggage.

***Update as of now (4:30 a.m.), I packed everything had to weigh and re-weigh and transfer things over, but I got each bag under the required weight so we are good to go!

So, Hermanas Avery and Page gave me their blog addresses with all of their pictures and emails on them if you guys would like to look at them. Hermana Avery's mom has a blog that is for all the missionaries they know that are out. It’s a pretty cool blog. Their blogs are: and
So long . . .
Hermano Rowen
So last night when we were weighing our suitcases, I ran into Hermano Rowen. He looked familiar, but I wasn’t sure where I knew him from. Then, he said, “You are Jennifer’s daughter!” I guess he’s been on a mission here for a year now in the Perpetual Education Fund and he’s from the 21st ward in our old stake.

Fitted Sheets
Mom, you’d be so proud of me! I successfully learned how to fold a fitted sheet, and I’m pretty good at it! Our service project this week was in the laundry facility and our job was to fold all the fitted sheets—there were a lot of them to practice on!

Saying Goodbye
We had to say “goodbye” to Hermanas Page and Avery and Elder Miller on Thursday. It was a really rough day, and that’s why the pictures look a little sad. But on the bright side, they are in Chile serving the Lord and jumping right into Spanish! At first I was having a really hard time with it and it didn’t help that people kept asking if I was all right and if I was sad. But I’m doing alright now. It has just been hard not having other people to talk to since we aren’t around the elders very often.
Hermana Balderes
Our District with Hermano Hernandez
We also had to say goodbye to Hermana Balderes and Hermano Hernandez last night. We have all gotten so close—especially with Hermano Hernandez because he is always around and we were his first American district. When we all said goodbye last night, he started crying and kept saying, "mis hijos" (my children). He’s a great guy, and he said he’s going to save up all of his money to come see us when we get home.

Calling from the Airport
I have a 6-hour layover in Panama City, so I should be able to email during that time. Our flight leaves Mexico at 6:30, and we should be in Panama in four hours, so it will be about 10 or 11 your time. I’ll just call numbers and see how it goes.

In-Field Orientation
Friday was a very long day. We had in-field orientation and it lasted all day. It was pretty monotonous for the most part, until one of the last activities. The teachers said they had a surprise for us in the auditorium. While making our way over there, Hermano Hernandez pulled me aside and asked if I could "be his victim.” I agreed, and it turned out that I had to be in the play and speak Spanish! I wanted to hurt him, but it was alright—I only had pretty easy lines in Spanish. It was fun hanging out with all of the teachers.

Hasta Luego
Well, this is it, my very last time emailing from Mexico. I leave in t-minus 8 hours. My next email will be from the beautiful country of BOLIVIA! I am so excited, I can’t even contain it!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you all! Thanks for the prayers and support from all of you! I couldn’t do it without you.


Hermana Nelson

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