Monday, October 28, 2013

Bolivia, Charcas—Week 5

Eduardo's Baptism
Family and Friends,

Ah, what a great week!
Letters Received!
This week I got Alyssa's Halloween letter, one from the Payne family, one from Grandma and Grandpa, one from Mom (pouch), and one from Dad. It was like Christmas! My whole zone was super jealous (haha).
Yes, Eduardo’s dad came to the baptism, and afterwards he told us he really could feel the spirit. I hope it touched and softened his heart a little. His mom is not a member and is hesitant, but she is taking the lessons with us, so hopefully something will come of it. Eduardo is excited because he can receive the priesthood soon and if his mom is ready, he can baptize her. She is preparing, though, and is planning to get married in December which I think is because she really wants to be baptized.
I’m glad Logan and Nolls made it back to Utah safely! Tell them congrats. Where are they moving to? Draper? Oh, and give Sokka and Xela big hugs for me. I miss being able to play with dogs.
Yes, we have RS, but the teachers teach pretty much whatever they want and skip the hard lessons. I only have the manual in Spanish, so yeah, quotes in English would be the bomb!
Your 3 Ls (language, lessons, love): The first two are the hardest. Loving the people isn’t hard for me. I’ve never cared or loved people so much in my entire life. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye when I have to. Hopefully I’ll stay here for a while though.
Tell Bob & RobbiAnn that I’m doing great and thanks for asking. Yeah, this part of town is really nice and our apartment doesn’t have many big bugs—just ants, but those aren’t a problem. And no, I haven’t been too sick yet, just adjusting to the food is hard.
We make breakfast and dinner ourselves, but the Bishop’s wife makes us lunch every day. We either eat at their house or she brings it to us. She’s a pretty good cook, but we eat a lot of chicken and rice.
Laundry is done by us and the Stake President’s wife. She has a washing machine, so she washes our outer clothing and we wash the rest.
Okay, now on to my week.
The baptism was great! Lots of family and friends of Eduardo came, along with members of the ward and some of our other investigators. It was really special. And quick story . . . I was reading my patriarchal blessing and it says that I am blessed with talents and that I need to share them. So I played the piano at the baptism and sang the special musical number because Eduardo wanted me to. I was really nervous and hadn’t even practiced the piano or anything, but everyone commented on how beautiful it was and it really made me feel great. I know the Lord is always helping me along!
If things go as planned, we will have two more baptisms this weekend and two more next week. It’s great, great, great!
Eduardo's Family
Family Home Evening with the Calderon Family
Making Sugar Cookies for Eduardo's Baptism
More Recipes
Mom, please send more recipes. Everyone here loves them. Maybe bread/rolls, pizza, no bakes, chocolate cake, coconut bread, and banana bread. Thanks!
Making Empanadas with Eduardo's Family

I’ve been reading a lot of Conference and other talks because I found some (English) Ensigns and Liahonas in the apartment. It was like Christmas because I don’t have anything else to read in English. I’ve been reading the May 2012 Conference issue and there are so many great talks. One called, “Was it Worth it?” by Elder David F. Evans is really great about missionary work and sharing the gospel in a natural and normal way. Then I read the talks from the Young Womens broadcast and the talk by Elaine S. Dalton is awesome! Lyssy, read this in your spare time—it’s a great reminder.

The internet just shut down again and I only have time to quickly say goodbye. Sorry I couldn’t write more, but I’ll try snapping a picture of what I wanted to write.

Love you very, very much!
(Look for something special in the mail)
Love you all!
xoxo Hermana Nelson

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