Monday, October 21, 2013

Bolivia, Charcas—Week 4

Family and Friends!

Yes, I have eaten some weird food. Last night we had dinner at a member’s home and they had me try something. I couldn’t tell what it was, but after asking a few times, they said it was chicken stomach. Kinda gross. When we were finishing up, there were two pieces of chicken left in the bowl and the dad said that I should have one and he would have one because they are the best parts. Yep, chicken necks! Wahoo! I didn’t want to be rude, so I ate it—all. Gross.

Eduardo is our first baptism this weekend! I also included a picture with his family (below). The cement drying was a service project for Eduardo’s dad. We helped him build a pathway and now he listens to our lessons! He is a member, but not active. We are miracle workers, though, and are teaching him lots.

Eduardo’s baptism is this Saturday and we are all so happy for him! He is learning everything so quickly and is very excited. This will also be Hermana Suxo's first baptism, so we are both very excited as well!
Eduardo and Family
Lucy is our next door neighbor and also our landlord. She is a member (she was baptized when she was 18) and was going to serve a mission, but then got married and is now less active. She really wants her boys to learn about the church, so we have been teaching them. They invited their friends one time as well, and it was a weird lesson. One of the boys literally stared at me throughout the whole lesson and was taking pictures of me on his phone. The others just goofed off and we couldn’t get them to listen. The boys are all 14-16 years old and very immature, but the Lucy’s kids are beginning to enjoy our lessons.

Please pray for the Fernandes family. They are having some struggles as a family and need your prayers. The boys really want to be baptized, but aren’t quite ready.

Some Little Things
The other day we were walking past a house and I saw two Siamese cats that literally looked the same as Lilo and Stitch, and to make things even funnier, they were lounging on the cement licking each other like Lilo and Stitch always did! Ahh . . . I thought of Lyss, but I couldn’t get a picture. Sorry!
Fighting Lizardspeople freak out like they're snakes
Read Alma 5. I was reading this for my personal study one day and it is an amazing chapter. It’s Alma preaching the gospel and bearing his testimony as well. It was a very good reminder of why I am out here and the affect I can have on the people as well.

Thank you!
Thanks for all of your support and prayers! This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I know I have a whole team of support back home—and in all other places of the world. Thanks for all of your examples. My testimony of eternal families has been immensely strengthened this week since we have been teaching a lot about the plan of salvation. I am so grateful for that knowledge and the opportunity that I have to be with my amazing family for eternity. I’m here for these families, which are a part of my family as well, and I want them all to be able to return to live with our Father in Heaven again.

The work is great. I’m learning a lot and becoming a better person. Don’t stop praying and reading your scriptures. Continue to be an example to friends and family—they need you all at this time.

Loves sent from Bolivia!
Hermana Nelson

Pancakes . . .
. . . just like we make at home!
(Logan sent a pix of a snowman pancake from Guatemala)

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