Monday, January 27, 2014

Bolivia, Charcas—Week 18

Hermana Smith and Hermana Nelson
Dearest Family and Friends,

So this week’s news is going to be a bit of a bummer because my companion and I couldn’t work four of the days this week because ‘we had an illness’ (that was for you, Kels) called Dengue (dang-ae). It’s really awful. Our symptoms: headache, stomachache, and aches in every other bone and muscle of the body, fever, and occasional diarrhea. Yeah, it’s fantabulous! On the upside, I got to see lots of missionary friends in the hospital (booya grandma!). (See journal page below for more dengue detail.)

Also, we are in the internet and someone is a huge Taylor Swift fan so they’re playing her song "22" on loop. Extra blessings come in unexpected ways. God loves us.

Letters Received
Logo and Nolls, thanks bunches!
One from the Anderson’s train ride

Transfers are this week and everyone thinks I’ll be changing areas. I’m really hoping and praying not, but if so, that’s alright. I’ve learned a lot here in Charcas and I’ll be ready to have new experiences somewhere else. I’ll keep ya'll posted next week.

CONGRATULATIONS on being in the top 100 outstanding women in Utah! Grandma said, "She’s actually number one . . . but only because the list is in alphabetical order!" Good job marrying Jeff. Great plannin’ on your part!

Keep up with the photography–then you can take my wedding pictures one day!

Liahona Minute
I read a conference talk during my personal study today that was really amazing and I want everyone to look it up and read it. It’s from the November 2012 General Conference by Elder Bednar, Testimony and Conversion. I loved what he said. He says that all of us are converts, and we need more than just a testimony in order to be shielded from the world. We need to constantly be working up to becoming truly converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ using five steps that he outlines in his message. Really, though, please read it! It will help you through your challenges and questions in life, and will bring blessings to your families.

Well, like I said, we weren't able to do much this week except groan in our sick beds and go to the hospital, so there’s not much more to write about. I love you all and I pray that you will have a fantastic week!


Hermana Nelson

January 20 (P-Day)
After writing the fam, we left to play soccer at the church with our zone. It was fun and embarrassing and tiring all at the same time. Then we ate pizza, and left to shop for the week, sleep and relax until
p-day was officially over.

P-DaySoccer and Pizza
Maria (less-active member)
We decided to stop by Ricardo’s house to talk with him, but only Maria was there. We said we’d stop by another day, and before leaving asked if there was anything we could do to help her. She almost began to cry and said she needed to tell us something. She told us that she had committed a serious sin 2 days before and hasn’t told anyone except her mom. We tried the best we could to comfort her and read some scriptures about the repentance process. She seemed very, very sad about it and I hope we can help her realize that she can always repent and come back. I’m happy we have the knowledge of the atonement.

January 21
Lights Out/Apostasy?
During the night, there was a rainstorm and my fan and all of our lights went out. We thought it was happening to all of the houses, so we didn’t worry about it. Then tonight, it still hadn’t come on, so we called Lucy. Her husband told us it was just the breaker (oops!). But, yeah, we have light again, so that’s good.

Door Contact
We knocked on her door the other day and she said she’d like to hear our message another day. We went back later and her son said, "She says she’s sleeping." We went back another day and the girl that was there said, "She said she left the house." Then today, her grandson came to the door and said she wasn’t there (even though we could see her in the family room). Sometimes I wonder if they think we are stupid!

On Tuesday night, Hermana Smith and I couldn’t sleep because our stomachs hurt so bad. The next morning, we called Hermana Zambrano and she told us to go straight to the clinic.

I swore I wouldn’t ever go there, but I felt so sick that I though I might as well hear what they had to say. They had two different doctors on call, so Hermana Smith and I got different opinions even though we had exactly the same symptoms. Her doctor just took some blood and a urine sample to see if she had dengue, which is an illness from mosuqitos. My doctor was a little bit strange and I don’t think he knew what he was doing. He ordered the same tests, but on top of that, an x-ray and an ultrasound of my abdomen. Then they stuck an IV in my arm for 3 hours. To top it all off, our results came back saying we didn’t have anything. We just went home and died. We slept until Friday morning, but we hurt so bad that we went to the hospital. They did the blood and urine tests again and they said we had dengue. Now we are just waiting until we feel like we can get out of bed again. At least we’re both sick and can be miserable together.
The aftermath of the IV that was
in my arm for three hoursthanks, Doc!
My ultrasoundIf you look real close, you can almost see a face.
The doctors thought I was pregnant, and the Elders found the face
and concluded that they were right.
President Zambrano said that 9 out of 10 people in Santa Cruz have dengue and we have 25 missionaries right now with it as well.

Hermana Quezada has been so sweet and has been bringing us breakfast and lunch and coming to check on us all the time. The Elders didn’t believe that we were sick an kept calling us to "check up" on us, even though they would just laugh on the phone. What bums! :)

We are bummed because we couldn’t do much of anything this week, but next week will be much better!

Cherimoyaa weird fruit that is very delicious!

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