Monday, August 18, 2014

Bolivia, Paraiso—Week 3

Classic 'Selfie' in the Micro
Dearest Family and Friends,
I really cannot believe that I am now the only missionary from the family out right now. Someone else needs to get out here! But really, it is crazy how fast time flies.
I’m still here in Pariaso. I like it a lot. Actually, maybe I’m enjoying it too much. I’m here with two Americans—which is a good thing sometimes, and others, not so much. We have more creeps following us at night, so we have to be really careful. Don’t worry, Mom, we are taking care of ourselves.
We have a baptism this Saturday for Gabriel. The missionaries have been teaching him for about 4 years now and he’s had 2 different baptismal dates, but didn’t come either time. He will finally be coming (we hope) this Saturday to get baptized. He is very intelligent and he knows so much about the Gospel. He will be a great member.
Well, that’s about all that happened this week. It’s been hard being in an area where I feel like I’m not supposed to be, but I’m trying my best to get to know and love the members and the people here.
I love you all so much!
xoxo Hermana Nelson
P.S.  I found a CPK copycat! Really, though, their pizza boxes were even the same—everything was yellow, white, and black. Ridiculous!
CPK in Bolivia?!

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