Monday, March 10, 2014

Bolivia, Charcas—Week 24

Querido familia, y amigos,

Well, they finally let us out, and it's been a crazy few weeks. Carnaval was good. Mostly just delirious after reading so much of the Book of Mormon at one time, but we hope our Spanish got better in the process.

No, there was no time for the puzzle. That’s pretty much the mission–not much time for anything. Maybe in a year I can work on it and finish it when I’m home and bored. (haha)

It’s cooling down a lot and the rain is good. We are all prepared for rain now, so no worries there.
Calle Charcas (street name of our ward)!
Visited the Catholic Cathedral with the Elders.
It reminded me of the Vatican, only smaller.
It’s been a rough few weeks finding people to teach, but we are working on it. We are continuing with a few investigators that have been investigators for quite some time. We’ll see if anything progresses there. We are doing our best.

Transfers are this week, so we will have to see what will happen. I can’t believe how fast time flies! This week we also start 7 months! I really can’t believe it!
We cut raw chicken! it had its neck and bones and everything!
(For anyone who's cooked with Amanda, this is a very big deal!)
You Know You're in Bolivia When . . .
–You buy all of the mac & cheese in the supermarket and notice that there are bugs in it . . . or maybe it was one big cockroach or something? Of course it tasted so much like home that you snarfed it down and right when you finished, your companion tells you she found big black things in it . . . you did, too, but you thought they were spices . . .

–You visit a really sick lady who believes her husband's girlfriend performed some witchery to make her this way . . . and to top it all off, she says she's getting better because the priest on TV blesses water every morning at 4 a.m. that is sitting on top of her TV.

–You go to someone's house and they give you some cake, but as they are handing it to you, they look a little closer and say, "Oh, looks like the ants got to it again!" And, instead of throwing it out, they give it to you anyway.

Love you all!

hasta luego
les quiero mucho!
xoxo Hermana Nelson
P-day at Picolo. They had real sour cream and guacamole!!
Journal Pages
February 24, 2014
We threw away her coffee! It was actually really funny. We began talking about the Word of Wisdom and we asked if they had any problems with it. Hermana Miriam and her daughter said they drink cofee. Then (I don't know what got into me) I just blurted out, "Can we throw it out?!" She was a little concerned and didn't want to at first, but she did it!

February 25, 2014
Diego passed his baptismal interview! We also stocked up on food to eat during Carnaval. (There wasn't a single journal entry during Carnaval, so I guess they were strictly obedient and stayed in their apartment like they were told to do. Good girls!)

March 1, 2014
Book of Mormon Reading
It's been a long and tiring week of knocking doors and not having much luck, but we get a little break to just read the Book of Mormon and relax. We started reading as soon as we came home at 5 tonight and we got to 2nd Nephi. Hopefully we can read lots tomorrow so we can finish by Wednesday.

March 5, 2014
We finished reading the entire Book of Mormon in Spanish last night at 7:30 pm. We were very delirious and a little crazy, but we finally finished! I was happy because, except for a few words, I actually understood all of it! I'm glad we got to read it together.

I truly have a testimony of this book. I know that it is the word of God, and I know it was truly written for us at this time. We found numerous scriptures that pertained just to us and every time I just knew that it was written for us. I love it with all my heart and I can't wait to start over and read it again. When I applied Moroni's promise at the end, I really felt that it was true and that it is the word of God. Read it!

March 6, 2014
Reunion de distrito
We had an amazing district meeting today. Elder Groneman taught us about commitments and why they are important. We talked about how to leave a commitment and then how to verify if they completed it. I felt the Spirit so strong afterwards when Elder Vasquez & Elder Leon taught us (Hermand Smith and I) during a practice lesson. They just help so much with missionary work and throughout our week so we can be excited and ready to work. Then, Elder Vasquez gave his final testimony before he goes home. It was such a powerul testimony of what he knows to be true. He talked about us hermanas and how we are important in the mission work and how, without us, we wouldn't have as much success and that we add a different spirit. I'm glad for Elders that appreciate us as women and appreciate what we do. I'm so happy I'm here at this time. The mission isn't easy, but I'm glad I get this experience to learn and grow.

March 8, 2014
Diego's Baptism/Locoto Burn
Wow! What a day we had . . . We left right after studying to help Hermana Lucy cut up the veggies for the Mexican Salsa we were going to eat after Diego's baptism. My job was to cut up the locoto (locoto is an extremely spicy pepper they have here). I love it, so I thought I'd put in a couple of them. I cut up a green one, then a red one. I didn't know there was a difference between the colors, but I cut it all up anyway. What I didn't know was that you aren't supposed to touch the inside, and especially the seeds of the red ones. I was taking out the seeds with my fingers and cutting it right in my hand. We finished the salsa and left to go to the house. My hands felt a bit weird, and then in like 10 minutes they felt like they were on fire. I tried everything–putting them under running water, putting them in the freezer (not a good idea by the way . . . I had a little "Christmas Story" moment), putting them in milk, applying every type of cream. Nothing. So we practically ran to Hermana Quezada's house to see if she knew what to do. She had never heard of someone getting burned by locoto before, but we tried everything we could think of–aloe, anti-allergy cream, and the ice (the only thing that made them feel better. It was really scary. I felt so stupid, but Hermana Quezada helped me feel better.

We left holding a bag of ice, and I was doing fine until we got to the Chapel. We went to another member's house to ask for more ice and then the baptism started. My ice melted and I was stuck to just sit through the pain. It literally felt like my hands were on fire the whole day. Diego's baptism was really good, but we left right afterwards to ask Hermana Zambrano what to do. I took an allergy pill and it slowly went away. Then we went back to the house to have tacos with Diego and his family and the ward members that attended his baptism. Diego was really happy. We just hope and pray that his family will follow his example.

Stake Conference
Afterwards we visited with Erika and then had Stake Conference. It was great that all of us missionaries could attend, because we usually don't get to. Hermana Smith and I felt like we were putting on the show. One of the counselors is in our ward and he talked a lot about us and the lessons they've come with us to. Then, we listened to President Zambrano. He called up four Elders and another Hermana and I to give examples of what we would say in different situations. I was scared out of my mind, but I prayed and the Lord really helped me know what to say.

Then, President Quezada was talking about using our talents to share the Gospel and called Hermana Smith and I up to sing the EFY Medley and "play" the cups like we did the other day in the park. We were super nervous, but it went really well and everyone loved it. I'm glad the Lord has given me so many opportunities to share my talents here.

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