Monday, March 31, 2014

Bolivia, Equipetrol—Week 3

Family and Friends,
I don’t have much to talk about this week because we were basically just hanging out in the hospital the whole week (read about it in my journal).

The package was opened, but I’m sure it was all there still. Funny story, I got it during our district meeting and to be nice, I ripped it open because I knew there was candy in it. I just started throwing candy necklaces at the Elders and they were all really happy. Even funnier—there’s an Elder from Cody, Wyoming, (crazy small world, no?) and he was like, "Wow, Hermana, this necklace says I love you. I didn’t know you felt that way about me.” So next time, I’ll be more careful with Valentine’s candy!

Our buddhist friend has officially dropped off the face of the planet. I was going to ask Andrew for some advice of how to teach people who don’t believe in God, but it seems that she doesn’t want to talk to us anymore.
We didn’t get to watch the RS meeting because it was too late at night, but Hermana Zambrano said she will have an activity so we can all watch it. 

Well, that’s pretty much all for this week. It sounds like everyone is doing great. Kimberly’s baby is so big and so darn cute! Grandma sent me pics and I almost started crying. He’s so adorable and it makes me sad that he'll be all grown up when I get home. 

Never forget that our Heavenly Father is always there to help us when we are down. He’s always willing to do everything for us. 

Love you all,

xoxo Hermana Nelson
Ice Cream!
Journal Pages
March 24, 2014
Today was fun. First we played wally with the Elders and then we went to Ventura Mall to see what it is like inside. We saw a few stores that were familiar, but the mall still doesn’t have much. We ate ice cream upstairs and then we headed to the salon. 
We found a Salon!
KFC Sighting!
An hermana in our ward told us all to come in and get hair treatments, so we had hair hydrating treatments and then we all got our hair trimmed and styled. It took a long time and all of our appointments canceled on us, so we decided to have a spa night in the house with the other four Hermanas. 
PedicuresBolivian Style
We didn’t have a bucket to soak our feet in, but we found a box and a bag and decided that could be a good alternative . . . let’s just say it was not and all of the water fell out. After about one hour of painting nails, Hermana Hussey started feeling really sick and was throwing up. She had a fever, so we headed to the Foianini clinic and we stayed there all night. Hermana Hussey couldn’t have people in the ER with her, so Hermana Diaz and I waited outside and slept on chairs and benches all night. Great fun. Especially since the people are pretty stingy about blankets here. (Amanda has spent a fair amount of time in hospitals and she’s used to having all the heated blankets she could pile on!)
Hermana Hussey in the Foianini
March 25-27, 2014
Still hanging out in the Foianini . . . 

March 28, 2014
Back Home
We finally went home today. Hermana Hussey is alright, but the doctors still don’t know why she had a fever and all. We are going to take it easy this weekend until she feels well enough to go out and work again. 

We did go to our missionary activity with the ward tonight, though. We called it, “A day in the life of a missionary.” We split everyone up into two districts and assigned everyone a companion. It was like a relay race—they had to start with exercises, then put on missionary clothes and name tags, then tie their legs together and finish the rest of the course as a three-legged race. Next, they had personal study, language study, lunch (which was semi-gross), then they had to knock doors and do a maze together. It turned out pretty well and I think they all enjoyed it.
A Day in the Life of a Missionary
March 29, 2014
Plan of Salvation
We got to visit a family tonight whose dad just passed away. I’m so grateful for the knowledge I have that death is not the end. We were able to teach them that they can see their dad/husband again and that their family can be sealed for eternity. I have a testimony of that. I know that temple covenants and sealings are so important. I know I’m going to live with my family forever and I am so happy for that. If we didn’t have anywhere to go after this life, what would be the purpose? I have a purpose. It’s to get back to my Father in Heaven and help others get there, too. I love the Plan of Salvation!
March 30, 2014
Today was a good Sunday. It rained and was overcast, which made the weather enjoyable. It was also fast and testimony meeting. This is Mario’s last Sunday with the ward before his mission, so their whole family got up. It was a really spiritual meeting. One hermana got up and said that she hasn’t been to church in months, but today she made an effort to come and she said she’ll never miss again. 

We had lunch with the V. family and we gave Mario some advice. He didn’t really listen to us, but hopefully he’ll remember and use it later. We talked all about missions and there was an Italian there who told us about his conversion story. We also got to talk about Italy and it reminded me how much I loved it there.

Later, we visited a recent convert named Gil. He’s super sweet and was so excited to see us. He took pictures with us and told us all about his conversion and about his family. We have a meeting scheduled with him next week.
Captain America and Spiderman will have to wait . . . 

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