Monday, April 7, 2014

Bolivia, Equipetrol—Week 4

Family and Friends,

I’m bummed because we are in a new internet place today and it’s even slower, so I can’t send any pictures or journal pages. In the short time I have, I'll quickly give a sum of the week:

Monday (P-Day): We got some super sweet "recuerdos" (I looked it up—it means memories or mementos) in a Bolivian shop. Then we went to a restaurant and I had a fantastic BBQ bacon burger with some real good Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. Good times. Then we had FHE and ate root beer floats!

Tuesday: We got robbed. We went home early and the door was wide open. We've always been nervous because the other people who live behind us can get in the front door. All our things were missing (electronics, money, cameras, souveniers, etc.). It was a mess. I’ll send pictures next week. It was a rough night.

Wednesday: We went over to the Vera´s house to make and eat lunch and then we made cinnamon rolls! It was a good time. Their son, M. is leaving on his mission tomorrow, so it was fun to give him some good advice and all.

Friday: We finally found an investigator in the area that the other Hermanas were teaching. She’s great and remembered everything the previous missionaries taught her, but is having a hard time getting to church. It’s rough. She did promise us that she would come to Conference, but she didn’t make it.

We went house shopping toward the end of the night and it was funny. We were in a really rich area and found a house that looked pretty and somewhat small. We were writing down the number to call, when a lady came out and asked if we wanted to look at it. We went inside and she explained to us that it used to be an antique hotel. There are 8 rooms, 9 bathrooms, a kitchen with an oven, a washer and dryer, a huge dining room, office, and best of all, a pool! (haha) She really thought we were interested—probably because they think all Americans are rich. It was way too expensive, so we just left and told her we would think about it. (hehe)

Saturday and Sunday: Conference was the best! We watched it all in English! We didn’t have any investigators there, but really don’t have any investigators yet. One thing that really stuck out to me was that we need to build our foundations on Christ and his teachings and do what he taught us to do. There were also quite a few talks about love and how we need to love others, so spread the LOVE!
Hermana Hussey is doing better. I didn’t get what she had, but I did have something weird last night. I think it may have been the stomach flu. Hermana Diaz had it too, so it might have been because we shared a pasta on Saturday. Not sure.

I didn’t even know that Chile had earthquakes. Nope, we didn’t feel anything, but the weather will probably get worse because of it.

I love you all and hope you are all doing well wherever you are in the world!
Hermana Nelson

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