Monday, April 21, 2014

Bolivia, Equipetrol—Week 6

Dearest Fam and Friends,

Feliz Pascua! I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! As like every other holiday, it didn’t feel much like Easter here except when we went to church. But even then, they didn’t really talk about Easter. All is well, though. I found an old April Liahona in English and I got to read it for my study all week.

I love you all so much and hope all is well!

xoxo Hermana Nelson

Journal Pages
Hermana Diaz and I had a fantastical day today! I can’t remember who we taught, but it was such a great day. We spent it in her area and the people and lessons were so great. I’d almost forgotten what it’s like to teach like this with so much power and the Spirit. It’s been hard this transfer with so many sicknesses and things going on that I haven’t been able to work sufficiently for weeks, but today I got that fire back. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about my purpose and why I’m here. I’m not here for my family or friends, or even for myself. I know I’m going to be changed for the better, but overall, I know I’m here for the Bolivians that need this Gospel in their lives. I’m serving my Father in Heaven and I’m so excited for this opportunity. “I’m on the Lord’s time now, and I will not waste it!” (Adam Hall)

Cow Stomach?!
Today at lunch we ate cow stomach, which I couldn’t “stomach” (haha) and thank heavens the sweet lady left the room so I could spit it in my napkin and throw it away. I felt bad, but really, it’s the grossest thing ever. We love her, though, and appreciate her thoughtfulness. Her son is so adorable! He’s 2 years old and he’s very smart. He learned to say “Hermana” and he’s always saying our “names” and wanting us to play with him. What a cutie!

Later we visited one of our investigators to find out if she really wants to come back to church or not. She’s not progressing at all and today she didn’t listen to a word we said. We are going to try to teach her one more time, but if she doesn’t care to hear the Gospel, we’ll have to just stop teaching her. It makes me so sad because she has so many trials and really needs the Gospel. Hopefully she can find it again in the future.

Good Friday
We had interviews with President Zambrano this morning and it was really good. He wanted to know how we’re all doing. He is great and always has a word of encouragement for all of us. We had delicious fish for lunch. I miss fish so much! We tried to visit people, but no one was home because everyone was gone for Good Friday visiting churches and family.

I studied about Christ and His Atonement this morning and was thinking a lot about it today. I’m so grateful for His example and ministry and that I have the opportunity to repent and become a better person. I love the Gospel!

It was a good day. We taught M. and he promised to come to church and said he’d read the Book of Mormon. I hope he does. He’s a good kid, but just hasn’t been to church in a while and has lost the vision of going on a mission. Hopefully we can help him out.

Then it began raining—a lot! There was so much that almost all of the streets flooded and, better yet, I tripped and fell on my knee that I fell on playing basketball on Monday. ’Twas fantastic—I had dirt and blood on my skirt all day. Then we made a chocolate cake for Hermana Navarro’s birthday tomorrow.

Easter Sunday
We made pancakes this morning for Easter and Hermana Navarro’s birthday. Thanks to Mom, I made real cute Easter bunnies and eggs out of the pancakes. She taught me well.

We went to church and it was nice. We also visited a few members and less active members and taught lessons about Easter. 

We had a yummy lunch with the V. family—Mashed potatoes, meat, and beets! (yep, Mom, I love beets now). Afterwards, we had a birthday surprise. We gave Hermana Navarro her chocolate cake. Everyone loved it (thanks, Mom)! (Isn’t it nice when they remember something we’ve taught them?)

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