Monday, April 28, 2014

Bolivia, Jardin—Week 1

Dear Family and Friends,

Although I never thought it would happen, I got transferred out of Equipetrol! I’m now in Jardin with Hermana Rivera. She’s really great and I think we are going to have fun.

I hope your week was a good one. I miss you all like crazy, but time is literally flying by. Before I know it, I’m going to be in my last area saying goodbye for real. Luckily, I still have 10 months left, but that is 10 months less to preach the gospel to the amazing people of Bolivia. I’m doing my best to stay healthy so I can spend every minute working hard. 

I love you all!

xoxo Hermana Nelson

Journal Pages
Crazy Day!
We visited lots of people. Well, not exactly “visited” and taught, but we got a lot of appointments scheduled. At one point, we decided to just take a break and plan a bit. After about 10 minutes, Gil came over and we got a soda to share. He’s so cute and told us we need to keep in touch with him and call him when we get home. He’s cute—like a grandpa! Then we went to Ventura Mall with the Guiterrez family! We got fro-yo and . . . wait for it . . . KFC! It tasted like America. It was the best!

The Elders called. I’m changing areas tomorrow to the Jardin ward in the Bajio Stake. My new companion will be Hermana Rivera. I’m sad and shocked, but hopefully my Spanish will improve. Hermana Diaz is going to Cobija (the jungle). I’m jealous!

Well, I’m in my new area with my new companion. It’s a huge area and it’s far from civilization. It’s still technically in the city, but far out. On the bright side, Elder Spitale (my first zone leader) and Elder Tyson (from my group) are here with me! It seems like a good ward. We visited a few people, but I don’t remember all of their names yet. We did set a baptism date for next Saturday, so we will prepare them well for that. 

My companion is from La Paz, Bolivia, and was in Cochabamba waiting for her Visa, then went to Venezuela for a few weeks, then came here. I’m excited to get working here. The ward is great and my companion is really sweet. We live with members and the other two Hermanas in the ward—Hermana TJ (I can’t spell her name) and Hermana Maxamillano. I saw Hermana Quezada at the mutualista today! I screamed!

Today was really great! I still don’t know the area or the people very well, but it’s all coming along. I got to know Hermana Rivera a little better and that was really great. She’s a convert of 2 years, is 22 years old, and wants to be a chef. It was good just getting to know her.

We taught A. today. He’s always had a problem committing to a date, but we asked him today and he’s going to be baptized on May 3rd with his son. We also found a reference today that just moved here. She’s from Sucre (close to Cocha) and is 17 years old. She said she was about to be baptized, but her parents wouldn’t let her. She turns 18 in November, so we’ll just have to keep teaching her until she can be baptized. Who knows, maybe I’ll still be here . . . 

This morning we pre-interviewed A. and his son for their baptism next Saturday. They are super excited and they both passed the “test.” Even though I don’t know them very well and I just met them, I already care so much about them. It still amazes me how much of God’s love I can feel for the people in just one lesson. I’m so happy for them and their decision.

We visited a super funny kid today. He goes to a Catholic school and attends church there. He’s only 13 years old and it’s amazing what he remembers about the Bible. We talked a bit about the Ten Commandments and he began reciting them to us. He was right on track and then caught us off guard when he said that we “need to keep the ‘parties’ holy”—not the Sabbath Day. We laughed and he said that’s what they teach in his school. Ugh!

First Sunday in Jardin
It was a good day. They asked me to play the piano last minute and of course it sounded awful. Oh well. I’ve been feeling so sick lately (just a bad cold) that I had to literally keep my eyes open with my fingers. 

Lunch with V. Family
We went over to the V’s and stayed ’til late. We made lunch, but I felt so sick that I fell asleep for a few hours, then we made rice bread and tea and stayed a bit longer watching church videos. They are a super cool family. They’ve been baptized for only 8 months and are really great members. Hermano R. is our ward mission leader and he’s awesome. We had a good time with them.

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