Monday, June 9, 2014

Bolivia, Jardin—Week 7

Hola querido familia y amigos,
Well, this email is going to be a little short because you are all so fantastic and I had a lot of emails to respond to, THANKS SO MUCH! I truly feel the love from all the way over here in Bolivia. 
This week was fantastic! I got to go to Dulce Quezada’s baptism in Charcas on Monday and that was the highlight of my week. I only told Hermana Smith that I was going, and when we got to the gate, Dulce was sobbing and ran up to meet me. Then her family followed, also with tears in their eyes, and Dulce told me that I fulfilled her birthday wish. Her mom told me that the whole week before the baptism Dulce had wanted to call me and invite me to her baptism, but she explained to her that I was far away and couldn’t leave my area. On Monday, Hermana Smith told me that it was her baptism a little later, so I called and asked President for permission and . . . HE SAID YES! So, we hopped in a Taxi at 5:30, and about an hour later, we arrived at the baptism. It was so beautiful—all of it. President Quezada gave a talk that was very powerful and full of the spirit, and afterward his wife sang a beautiful song about baptism. Then after the ordinance, they both sang ‘Teach Me to Walk in the Light,’ and Dulce bore her testimony about her baptism. We stayed for a little bit to eat cake and then we had to say goodbye. It was hard, but I know that they know they will always be remembered. Even if I won’t be able to visit Bolivia very often, I will always keep them in my thoughts and my prayers. 
I didn't get transferred. I was partly hoping to be, because this area is difficult, but I know that the Lord is keeping me here because I need to learn and serve more. So, with all the strength and energy I have, I’m going to work hard until this ward is better than I found it. 
Other than that, not much happened. We don’t have any progressing investigators, but our less-active members are progressing well. We had four of our five families come to church, and we were both very happy for that. 
This work is harder than I ever imagined, but I know that this is where I need to be at this time. Although it’s hard to be with a companion that only speaks Spanish 100% of the time, we walk no matter what the weather is like, no one even thinks to stop and give us a ride when it is raining (well, we aren’t in Utah . . . ), and sometimes the people make fun of me because I say things that aren’t grammatically correct, I still hang in there. That is something we teach every day—to hang in there until the Lord comes again. I’m going to have to just hang in here and wait patiently until that day comes. I know that when it does come, I will be able to proudly walk in front of my Savior and he will tell me, “Well done, my beloved servant.” But until that day comes, I will work until the job is done, walk until my feet fail me, and smile until the people can feel my love for them. I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and I will not fail him. 
“Behold, we count them happy which endure.” James 5:11
I can do hard things.
I love you all. Share the gospel with someone this week. It will make you happy. 

xoxo  Hermana Nelson

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