Monday, June 16, 2014

Bolivia, Jardin—Week 8

Dearest Family and Friends,

Well, what to say about this week? Lots of things happened and I’m just grateful for the opportunity I have to be serving a mission in Bolivia at this time.
My birthday was great (see my journal page for details). I didn’t get anything in the mail yet, but they said they have something for me today. Not sure. The package hasn’t come yet, so we’ll just have to see if it comes next week.
Dad, I hope you had a wonderful Father’s day! I was thinking about you all day yesterday and how all I want to do is give you a big hug and kiss and watch a movie with you. I ate a Snickers (a very expensive Snickers) and Coca-Cola in honor of your big day yesterday. :)
Winter is just starting, but it’s very strange here. One day is freeeeeezzzzing cold, one day rain non-stop, and then the next, sun and sun, and more sun and soooooooo hot. But yeah, I’m getting used to it. My body doesn’t like it, though. I’m constantly getting colds about once a week, but they only last a few days, thank heavens.
Congrats to Michelle. I can’t believe she’s married! Wow!
Love you all so much! (my week will be summed up in my journals)
xoxo  Hermana Nelson
Journal Pages
Happy 20th Birthday
(to Becca and me!)
What a great birthday it was! First, I got to send Dad a Father’s Day video that an Hermana let me film on her phone. It was awkward to film my message in front of everyone. I sang him a Hymn, so I hope he enjoys it. (He DID enjoy it . . . as soon as he stopped sobbing! It was very sweet and so fun to see her again.)
Then, we went to lunch. They made me a pizza like I requested and afterwards, they made me a cake. They sang and made me bite into the cake (of course one of the Hermanas pushed my face in it, so I had whipped cream all over), but it was really sweet of the Antelo Family to do so much for my birthday.
We went to the Valencia Family’s house and they made me more cake . . . then we went to visit the Bishop’s wife and we made key lime and apple pies. Thank heavens she didn’t know it was my birthday!
Hermana Rivera was acting weird, and I was feeling gross (I have a cold), but she wanted to go to different stores and look at things. She then told me that we could go home and sleep early, but we needed to go to the church first. A few of the members were waiting to surprise me with cake and a little party. My companion and the other Hermanas had planned the whole thing.
I’m really grateful to be here at this time. It was a hard day, talking about my family traditions with my companion and thinking of how my birthday would have been at home, but I’m glad I’m here. There are many lovely members that have made me feel very loved and important. It’s hard to be away from my family during these special days, but I know that I am truly giving up 18 months of my life so the people here can be with their families for the eternities.
We went to Campo Rosa today to do service for a member family whose house (a few rooms) fell down during the wind and rain storm. We helped move bricks and everything out of the way so we can build it up again. We got all that done and the Elders were doing some heavy lifting, so the Hermana told us to come inside. Her husband works for a candy company, so she shared some chocolate with us and the Elders. 
I received some cinnamon rolls from the Quezadas for my birthday today!
Zone Meeting
Today our zone leaders talked to us about obedience and obeying with exactness. We talked about the army of Helaman and how obedient these 2,000 young men were to leave their homes and families, put their lives on the line, and act on the faith they had that God would deliver them out of the hands of the Lamanites. There was not one who died in the battle. “We are as the army of Helaman, we have been taught in our youth, and we will be are the Lord’s missionaries, we’ll bring the world his truth.” Sometimes we may fail and because we are human, we won’t be able to follow every rule every time, but if we put our faith and confidence in God, and the atonement of Christ, all is possible. If I just do my part and try my best, He will make up the difference.
Hermana Zambrano came to visit me today because she was in Peru for a few days—including on my birthday. She came to bring me a cake and a postcard from Peru. So sweet of her!
Then the Elders called to tell us not to go out in the rain until it stopped. We waited for a bit, then headed to lunch just in time for it to begin pouring again. We got soaking wet, ate lunch, and got a haircut. The rain never stopped, so we went back to the house and hung out until evening. The rain still didn’t let up, so we watched a movie about the history of Joseph Smith, made popcorn, and slept.
On Monday, we visited “F.” She was so excited for her baptism. We gave her the interview and she’s ready! It’s sad that we can’t go, but she said she’ll bring pictures. We talked about Alma 50 and Mosiah when they built up the city walls to protect them from the Lamanites. We built our own “walls” of protection with cookies and talked about the principles of the Gospel that will help us keep Satan out. I’m glad I have a family who always taught me the importance of these principles so I could become who I am today.
We visited “F” again yesterday. She was super excited and super ready. Yeah for baptism! We went over to celebrate and congratulate her today. Her boyfriend baptized her and they said she was so happy all day. She’ll be receiving the Spirit tomorrow, which also should be great. We were sad we couldn’t be a part of it, but we’re so happy for her!

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