Monday, June 23, 2014

Bolivia, Jardin—Week 9

Dearest Family and Friends,

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! I really hope you get to celebrate it well even though your lives are crazy busy. 

This morning we had emergency transfers. Hermana Mullisaca is coming here and I don’t really know her yet, so I’ll tell you all about her next week. 

My package finally came on Saturday. I was very happy. Thanks so much. 

I was reading about the family reunion and such, and it sounds like you all had a great time. Crazy that Ryan is home and that Darin is married! Tell him congrats for me. Other than that, I hope you are all doing well. 

We had Stake Conference this weekend and Elder Uceda (from the Area Presidency) came to talk to us and reorganize the Stake presidency. It was a great conference that I really needed and a lot of the families here needed to hear. It’s rough being in a small ward with a lot of new members as presidents of the organizations, but we are pulling through. Elder Uceda talked a lot about the blessings of having a large ward and how we all need to work together to be able to make our wards grow so that we can be more organized and so that everyone can be a little less stressed. 

This week was rough. It was rough with my companion, with health problems, and such, but all is going to be better. I’ve learned to rely on my Father in Heaven so much these past few weeks as they have been a few of the hardest weeks of my mission. Please keep me in your prayers. And always know that you are all in my prayers as well.

Take care.

Les quiero mucho,

xoxo Hermana Nelson

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