Monday, September 22, 2014

Bolivia, Paraiso—Week 8

Family "G" Eating Their First S'mores
Dearest Family and Friends,
I hope you all had a fantastic week. Hermana Bingham and I had an eventful week of many things.
I'll give you an update of the people we are teaching and how they are coming along:
“G”—We  are still trying to help him understand that he doesn’t have to read the entire Book of Mormon and know everything to be able to get baptized. We tried to extend another baptismal date, but he’s just not sure yet. Hopefully, the more he reads the Book of Mormon, the more he'll feel the urgency of doing it.
“B”—We think he may be crazy. But really, he’s a great guy and he’s listening to us well—he just doesn’t really want to do the things we ask him to do. It’s difficult, but not something that the spirit can’t change. We are praying that he can start doing something so we can continue teaching him.
Family “M”—They are a family we found the other day just from knocking doors. They are great! They are just very active in their religions and that’s difficult, but we are slowly helping them realize the importance of the restored gospel in their lives.
Family “Z”They are the "Kardashians" of Santa Cruz. They’re inactive and a bit crazy, but fun. One of them came to church this week!
Family “V”—We were walking past a Catholic church the other day and this family stopped us to tell Hermana Bingham that her hair was pretty and then asked us when we were going to come by to teach them! Blessings! So we went to visit them and we have another appointment set.
Well, that’s about it. We are trying our best to stay positive and, although there are many trials and hardships, we are having fun and loving every second.
I hope you all have a great week. Don’t ever forget the love that our Savior and Heavenly Father have for you. No matter what, that love will never diminish or leave, so be happy! There is always hope!

xoxo Hermana Nelson
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