Monday, September 29, 2014

Bolivia, Paraiso—Week 9

Dear Family and Friends,
When President Zambrano talked to us the other day about why we are still here in Paraiso, he told us he knew it was for a reason and we’ve really been able to see that this week.
The family “M” is doing well. The mom is interested and receptive. She’s just been through so much with her family and during the hardest times, she relied on the church she became a part of. So, other than being very active and having lots of confidence in her church, I just hope more than anything, that we can help her realize her potential and that her family really can be together forever.
Then we met “D” and her family. They were a reference from a member. We visited them and they are fantastic! It’s such a rare thing to find a family that will listen and the hardest of all is having the fathers participate. But her husband came in to listen to us and he was super cool. They said they will come to church on Sunday. We are hoping and praying that they will.
Then we found the “V” family. We found them in the funniest way. We were just walking past the Catholic Church and they stopped us—mostly to tell Hermana Bingham that they liked her hair, but then they were just super excited and asked us to come over in a few days. Also, when we visited them, the dad was so cool and they were just so normal. We were able to connect with them well. We read The Family, A Proclamation to the World with them and it went so well. They said that they will also come to church.
I am seeing the blessings that come from just trying your best. It’s not easy. We’ve got a lot of things working against us. The culture is difficult and we still don’t understand it super well. The ward is not doing well and it almost feels as though there’s not much we can do, so it’s hard to have a good attitude and to be patient. I’m trying my best, though. Hermana Bingham and I are tired, well, better put, exhausted, but we are hanging in there. I know that the Church is true and we are doing a lot of good here.
xoxo Hermana Nelson

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