Monday, October 20, 2014

Bolivia, Montero—Week 2

Happy Birthday, Logan!
We have been busy opening up this new area, but our hard work this week paid off—four less-active members we visited came to church! Also, quite a few of the recent converts came as well. No investigators yet, but hopefully next week we’ll have a few at church.
We are working with many people here in Montero. If you’d like to help us, please pray for them. I know they will be able to feel your love and prayers. Thank you so much!

“M”—She is a reference we received a few days ago. She is fantastic! She was investigating the church in Venezuela and had a baptismal date, but had to come back to Bolivia quickly because of all the problems there. It was just a fluke that we met a member from another ward who gave us her name. She said that she had been praying to know what to do because she knows the church is true, and she’s missed it a lot. I know that God places us in the right place as the right time to fulfill his purposes. Really! We weren’t even going to go to that street, but my backpack broke, so we went to go get it fixed. That exact moment, the member passed by on his moto. I know that it wasn’t just a coincidence.
Family “D”—A family of converts that were recently baptized. They are having a super rough time. Lots of problems in their marriage and Satan is attacking them so hard. I feel really bad for them and I hope they can work everything out. It’s hard to be a missionary in these situations. I don’t know how to help or what to say. I hope we can help them somehow. I know that the Gospel can fix any problems we are having. But if the people we teach use their agency to go against the gospel principles, that’s when there’s really nothing we can do. It really is all up to each of us. We can obey and receive the blessings we need—or not. It’s our decision.
You know you’re in MONTERO when . . .
—Everyone (except for us) is riding motorcycles (MotoTaxi)
—You almost get killed trying to cross the street
—You try to protect your face by using sunscreen, only to have the humidity wash it away ten minutes later
I LOVE you all! Have great week!
xoxo Hermana Nelson

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