Monday, December 15, 2014

Bolivia, Montero—Week 10

Dear Family and Friends,

First off, I talked to Elder Francis (a new missionary from Moab that Grandma told me about) today. He told me that his mom, Miss Roberts, taught Dad when he was in high school. Small world!

The whole Familia “A” clan are members except for their Dad. He is the one that usually works on Sunday, but came to Church last week. We had FHE with them and we invited him to be baptized. He said, “Yes!” We don’t have a date yet, but he says he’ll be baptized for sure.

We visited the Familia “T” this morning and we began to help the girls clean their room. It turned into a huge project, but when we finished a few hours later, it looked great. They are a great family and I think they are ready to accept the Gospel.

It was a difficult lesson with “B” today. She’s older and very stubborn. We began to talk with her about the Sabbath Day and our baptismal covenants, but she informed us that she doesn’t have to go to Church every week because as a Catholic, she didn’t go and she has a “special faith” that when she asks God for something, He gives it to her. So, she has decided that she doesn’t have to come to Church if she can just ask for the things she needs from home. We explained the baptismal covenants that she has made and promised her that she will receive even more blessings if she obeys all of the commandments.

“J” understands why he needs to read the scriptures, but he just doesn’t do it. He says he has no interest in doing it and that he doesn’t have time. We read a chapter with him. It’s hard to testify of something you didn’t do on a daily basis in real life, but I tried my best to bear my testimony of what I have learned here from reading my scriptures every day. I know that if he just starts, he’ll want to continue.

“L” is doing well. She said she hasn’t gone back to smoking and that she has been reading the Liahona and her scriptures more frequently. We talked with her about all of the basic beliefs of Latter-day Saints and helped her understand a little more about tithing and fast offerings. Her husband and son have been working in another city, but I hope they can come home for Christmas and be together as a family.

Stake Christmas Lighting
All of the missionaries had an activity to sing Christmas songs at the lighting of the Stake Center. Lots of people came and they said that every night it will be open for people to see and take pictures.
Stake Center Christmas Lights
Stake Relief Society Activity
We went to the Sanchez family’s house to make cinnamon rolls for the RS activity this afternoon. It’s an exposition of everything they’ve learned to make during the year. It’s super cool because they recycle everything—and I mean everything! They make some beautiful things. Everyone loved the cinnamon rolls. The Sanchez’s said that when they come to Utah, they are going to visit Mom so she can make them cinnamon rolls.
Hermana Gomez and I Presented
Cinnamon Rolls and Our Spoon Tree

Some things I love about Bolivia:
1.   The rain. The drops are so small but there are so many of them that it feels perfect.
2.   Everything is recycled—everything! They make projects from almost anything.
3.   The torrential rain in the mornings, and even better if it continues all day. It’s so beautiful.
4.   The “Refresco” (drinks) they make out of every kind of fruit, seed, etc. Just a few are: pineapple, mango, apple, lemonade, chichi de soy (soy), de maiz (corn), canela (cinnamon), orange, ginger, and black corn—it’s the best!
5.   You can hang your clothes out to dry and, if it’s sunny, they’ll be dry in about 5 minutes.
6.   There is always someone selling something. Every house has a sign on the door about what they do or sell. They even go door-to-door selling food, “Refresco”, etc.

Xoxo Hermana Nelson
See anything strange in this picture?
Melted Gummy Worms from Home
Our "Spoon" Christmas Tree and Treats from Home
Gummy Worm . . . Cubes?

Baby Ryan (The Elders Named Him)
Stake Relief Society Activity

Thinking of You, Alyssa!
Christmas Nativity

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